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NFC Coaster

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Dimensions of print area (mm) : 100 x 100
Dimensions LxWxD (mm) : 100 x 100 x 5
Minimum order quantity : 250
Lead time : 3 - 4 weeks

NFC Coaster with Cork Backing

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A NFC Coaster with cork base with NFC chip inside. Ntag 213 chip inside allowing 144 characters coded onto the coaster.
NFC is a technology allowing users to read data from products with their smart phone. Unlike a QR code, there is no requirement for an app, you simply tap the NFC chip to read the embedded information. There is also no need to internet connection unless the data is a url link
Advantages of integrating NFC chips with your promotional products are compelling:
Analytics* – You’ll know when your material have been utilised
Flexibility – Content can be customised based on your campaign.
Ease – Simply tap to download information, it’s easy, fast and works automatically.
Compatible Devices:
Samsung S7 onwards, Apple iPhone XR onwards.
* This is an extra feature and does not come as standard.